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About the Company

NormEly.com has been serving the web community with intelligence and skill since 2001. Norman Ely is the principal, head honcho, and main man, with 14 years' experience in web development. When necessary, he calls on the skills and talents of a range of designers and associates. When you call us, most likely you will talk directly to Norm. If you want big-city skill with small-town feel, you've come to the right place.

  • web site maintenance
  • writing for the web / rewrites
  • graphic design / information design / interface design
  • project management
  • online marketing and search engine rankings

About the Founder

Norm Ely holds a Masters degree in Technical Communication from the University of Washington, where he learned the principles of Useability, Information Design, and visual communication that separates his work from that of ordinary web developers. A detail person, Norm recognized that his favorite thing and highest gift was fine-tuning, and the rest is history. He now specializes in web site maintenance (and online marketing) for a variety of clients across the USA, for example:

Amazing Machinery
Nevada County Fairgrounds
Projections Research
Café Largo Restaurant Key Largo
Herat Rugs

Made in the USA

Lots of website maintenance companies have workers scattered all over the globe. Good for them. Me? I speak English and I'm in California. If you don't mind me saying, "awesome" once in a while, I think you'll find that I am a pleasure to communicate with and actually understand what you're asking for.