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Case Study 1: A complete rebuild to bring web presence up to speed

Projections Research in Phoenixville, PA   helps pharmaceutical companies make time-critical decisions about new drugs. Their old website did not reflect the professional, speedy image they wanted. What we did for them:

  1. Created an entirely new look and color scheme.
  2. Redesigned how the site was organized, to address their two types of customers: scientists and executives.
  3. Set up Google Analytics traffic reporting, and Google Adwords advertising.
  4. Did keyword research and optimized their new website for search engine rankings.
  5. Cost: under $10,000


after (click to see live website)

Case Study 2: A new look for an old site–no expense spared!

The premiere online vegan bakery was outgrowing its HTML foundations. was a part of a team that completely reinvented the website in a Content Management System. Norm's roles in the big job were:

  1. Product-photo retouching, processing and cataloging.
  2. Search Engine optimization & documentation.
  3. Interface and Visual Design consulting.
  4. Cost: over $50,000


after (click to see live website)

Case Study 3: 30% speed increase a "Fair" improvement

The Nevada County Fairgrounds is one of California's most beautiful Fairgrounds and host to a myriad of popular events throughout the year. The Fairgrounds hired to maintain their popular website. One of the first things we recommended was to clean up the HTML code that had been written using <font> tags to define how the writing appeared, and move to a more modern central stylesheet. This speeds up the site and makes it faster to edit in the future.

  1. Decreased download times for viewers by 30% on average.
  2. Reduced costs for all future site style changes.
  3. Repaired HTML errors, increasing reliability and consistency of website.
  4. Cost: under $300

I just checked out the web site and I’m amazed how fast the page transitions are since you performed the “tune up.” Thank you!!

Many sites–perhaps yours included–are authored by people who don't have the know-how to build a really crisp, finely tuned website. Just by bringing in a pro you can often greatly improve your customer's experience for a reasonable cost–which translates into more profits for your business.

Case Study 4: Adding Photos Good Therapy for Plain Site

Cavalcade Productions sells training videos to mental health professionals. They have relied on for over a year now to gradually upgrade and improve their website. Their latest project was to add photos of the presenters to one of their video pages. They provided us with the rough screen captures–sent by email–and we took care of the rest.

  1. Cropped, sized and color corrected ~20 images.
  2. Placed the images on the page.
  3. Added appropriate "alt" tags.
  4. Cost: under $250


after (click to see live website)

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