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You may be wondering, "Why should I hire this guy when my nephew (or the company right above me on Google) only charges $35 per hour? Good question. Here's the answer:

  • I'm quite efficient and fast. I believe I'm cheaper at $75 per hour than other companies are at $35/hour. Call for an estimate of YOUR job.
  • I offer personal service. You talk to me when you call. I speak English and ask intelligent questions. Then I do your job quickly, myself.
  • Experience & Maturity. I've been doing this for 14 years. Ten years ago some of my competitors were in Jr. High School.

Anybody can learn how to use a computer and make a web page. That part is easy. But making it work, making it useable, navigable, making it make money for you...and doing all that on time and on budget...that is much harder.

Would you rather work directly with me, or work with an account manager, who is communicating your project requirements to a person overseas?

When you get me on your team, you get 14 years experience making web pages that work. Solving the navigation problems. Watching people use web pages. Studying principles of useability. Figuring out how to best present your information. Explaining all the options to you. Paying attention to the details. You get all my experience, so your website gets done right. And in the end, that is the real bargain.