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Website Maintenance has been serving the web community with intelligence and skill since 2001. If you want big-city skill with small-town feel, you've come to the right place.

  • text updates
  • photo updates
  • pdf updates
  • adding/deleting pages

Adwords Pay Per Click Management

  • How much traffic does my website get?
  • How can I get more traffic?
  • How can I appear higher in the search results?

Let me help you answer these questions and more. I'll explain the whole process.

Copywriting and Copyediting

Norm Ely holds a Masters degree in Technical Communication from the University of Washington, where he learned the principles of Useability, Information Design, and visual communication that separates his work from that of ordinary web developers. Let him write or edit your website's content so that people won't skip over it.

Useability studies show that people skim websites, hurriedly looking for what they're after. Your content must be presented in short bits, with more detail available. Visual aids should be used whenever they will communicate better than text. The information should be presented with the goals and tasks of the visitor in mind. The layout of the page, the headings, even the colors used, should help a hurried visitor quickly scan your page and get the information needed. See an example of all of this.

PDF creation and management

Want to put your existing documents online in Adobe Acrobat PDF format? No problem.

Project Management

Having trouble understanding the tech guy? Have other things to do than ride your web project? Call Norm. He'll ride herd on your multidisciplinary team and document each day's process and progress.